Buddhist Folk Tales – Bedtime Stories from Kevin Walker

Join Kevin on his personal journey through Buddhism as he shares with you; tales from previous lives, tales both ancient and modern

The fluid world of Ithell Colquhoun – Dr. Richard Shillitoe

Her navel is a pool of water lilies": the fluid world of Ithell Colquhoun - Dr. Richard Shillitoe - hosted by Dr. Amy Hale

Dreaming Ahead of Time – Gary Lachman on Precognitive Dreams

Dreaming Ahead of Time is a personal exploration of precognition, synchronicity and coincidence drawing on the work of thinkers

Alexandrian Witchcraft: an Ascent to the Numinous by Sharon Day

The late Alex Sanders, "Ascent to the Numinous" might not at first be the term that springs to mind when considering his heritage

An introduction to Arthur Machen – a Zoom talk by James Machin

James Machin gives an introduction to Welsh writer Arthur Machen, ‘The Flower-Tunicked Priest of Nightmare’

The Spiritualism Symposium: Spiritualism, Science of Crime – Cathy Gutierrez, Ph.D

The Spiritualism Symposium, curated by Shannon Taggart : Spiritualism, the Science of Crime and Early Forensics, with Cathy Gutierrez

Cornish Bards and Witch Hunting in Cornwall in the early Twentieth Century

This talk by Jason Semmens on two Cornish Folklorists who specialized in collecting Cornish Witchcraft in the early 20th century

Merlin – Professor Ronald Hutton – Zoom Lecture

You are invited this evening to explore the original sources of his legend, and see if we can understand where it began and how it developed

Philosophizing Aliens, UFOs, and Astrobiology – Dr Stephen Asma

In this illustrated lecture Dr. Asma will examine the essential philosophical issues surrounding the existence of alien life, UFOs

Cursed Britain: A History of Witchcraft and Black Magic in Modern Times by Dr Thomas Waters

This talk concerns the history of the dark side of witchcraft since c. 1800. The notion of mystic interpersonal harm, of bestowing misfortune

The Mythical Creatures of Scandinavian Folklore – Lena Heide-Brennand by Zoom

A live, illustrated Zoom lecture with Lena Schattenherz Heide-Brennand, Master of Literature and Language.

The Spiritualism Symposium: The Ancient Oracles Revived – Marjorie Roth, Ph.D.

The Spiritualism Symposium Shannon Taggart : The Ancient Oracles Revived: Sibyls, Spirits, and the Power of a Woman's Voice, Marjorie Roth

The Witch stories of William Bottrell by Charlotte MacKenzie

William Bottrell was one of the main informants of the folklorist Robert Hunt

Me and My Shadow: Sympathy with the Devil in Folk Tradition – Jeremy Harte

An illustrated Zoom talk by Jeremy Harte in which he examines the folk Devil – an inconsistent character who is frightful and wicked, but also silly, combative, vengeful and vain.

Kenneth Grant – Austin Osman Spare Abstract by Michael Staley on zoom

In this illustrated talk, Michael Staley discusses Kenneth Grant's presentation of Austin Osman Spare

Scrying: Crystals Balls, Dark Mirrors and Vessels of Water by Lucya Starza

In this talk Lucya Starza will reveal the secrets of the scryer’s art, and explain methods that can help you cultivate second sight

The Spiritualism Symposium: The Moment of Revelation – Joscelyn Godwin, Ph.D

The Spiritualism Symposium by Shannon Taggart : The Moment of Revelation: Cases from New York's ‘Burned-Over District’ - Joscelyn Godwin

The God Lugh and the Morrigan – Professor Ronald Hutton – Zoom Lecture

This talk is to discover what the actual evidence is of both and to see whether a closer relationship can be made with either in the process

C.G. Jung, Lord of the Underworld – Gary Lachman – Zoom

A Short History of Modern Occultism in Three Lectures - Lecture 3 of 3 is C.G. Jung, Lord of the Underworld

Robert Aickman – Master of the ‘strange story’: a Zoom talk by R. B. Russell & Rosalie Parker

R. B. Russell and Rosalie Parker talk about the master of 'strange stories', Robert Aickman (1914–1981).

The Future of Psychedelic Spirituality by Rick Strassman on Zoom

He will discuss the prophetic model, its relevance to the psychedelic state, and advantages over the mystical unitive approach.

Hedgehogs by Dr. Pat Morris, Live on Zoom

He has been involved in hedgehog research ever since and will describe aspects of its natural history

Occult Nationalism and the Irish Revival – Dr Mark Williams by Zoom

This third talk turns to writers in English, and looks at how the Irish gods were resuscitated and reimagined in modernity as symbols

Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Magician in the World – Gary Lachman – Zoom

A Short History of Modern Occultism in Three Lectures - Lecture 2 of 3 is Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Magician in the World

New Orleans Voodoo, A fully illustrated lecture by Dr Louise Fenton

In this lecture Dr Louise Fenton will take you on a journey through the history of Voodoo

Inner Monsters: Psychopaths and Psychologizing Monsters – Dr Stephen Asma

In this illustrated lecture, Professor Asma will examine the transition from traditional external monsterology (e.g., creatures, demons, etc

The Wicked Stepmother in Early America with Prof. Leslie Lindenauer by zoom

This Zoom lecture explores the role of the evil stepmother in early American popular culture

The Goddess Brigid – Professor Ronald Hutton Zoom Lecture

This talk is designed to look at the evidence for both goddess and saint, and the possible relationships between them.

Eroticism and Surrealist Sewing Machines by Dr Abigail Susik – Zoom

Surrealist sewing machines and the surrealist movement’s interest in female masturbation as a form of social-sexual resistance

Austin Osman Spare with Phil Baker by zoom

This talk will offer insights into Spare’s art, mind and world, reconnecting him with the art history that ignored him

Irish Gods – The Túatha Dé Danann – Dr Mark Williams by Zoom

This second talk takes listeners through a magnificent saga from the ninth century, The Second Battle of Moytura

A brief history of the magic mushroom by Andy Letcher on zoom

In the twinkling of an eye: a brief history of the magic mushroom

The Seed Sistas – Passion Potion Workshop

During the evening we will – Discuss herbal aphrodisiacs, explore the individual plants and preparations in the passion potion

Folklore and Strange Tales of Cornwall’s Seas – Joan Passey

‘Let us catch the sea-wolves falling on their prey’: Folklore and Strange Tales of Cornwall’s Seas - Zoom Lecture

Empire of Booze – Henry Jeffreys by Zoom

Join award-winning drinks writer Henry Jeffreys for a journey through history and alcohol.

Dennis McKenna on Psychedelics and evolution: the ‘Stoned Ape Theory’

Dennis McKenna presents an exclusive lecture discussing brand new reflections, theories and findings on the theory based on his ‘Stoned Ape'

Freemasonary and Paganism – Professor Ronald Hutton Zoom Lecture

This talk is intended to discuss the origins of Freemasonry, and the development of its ritual, and its relationship with the occult

Metaphysical Michael Jackson – Shannon Taggart – Zoom lecture

This illustrated presentation will consider Michael Jackson’s curious dead/alive status and explore him as the ultimate liminal figure

The Making of Birds Britannica by Mark Cocker on Zoom

Birds Britannica was described as ‘a triumph’ and as ‘a bird book like no other’ when it was published in 2005

Clay, Folklore, and Landscape in Cornwall’s Clay Country with Zenna Tagney / Zoom

Tagney will tease out some of the interwoven threads of place and story, landscape and culture in this Zoom Lecture

Pagan Ireland – From Cult to Conversion by Dr Mark Williams by Zoom

This first talk introduces what we know of Irish pre-Christian religion through archaeology

Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society – Gary Lachman – Zoom Lecture

A Short History of Modern Occultism in Three Lectures - Lecture 1 of 3 is Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society

Scientific Monsters: Natural History, Teratology & Extraordinary – Dr Stephen Asma

In this lecture Dr. Asma will explore some of the dominant types of monsters in ancient Western literature, natural history, and philosophy

Ghosts I Have Nearly Seen: A Short Talk by Roger Clarke on Zoom

The author to the best-selling A Natural History of Ghosts' tells some personal stories from his own life, not all of them in the book

Welsh Fairy Tales by Viktor Wynd on Zoom

Welsh Fairy Tales featuring real fairies, myths and monsters from traditional storyteller Viktor Wynd

Vodún Secrecy and the Search for Divine Power – Timothy R. Landry by Zoom

Timothy R. Landry examines the connections between local Vodún priests and spiritual seekers who travel to Bénin

Treasures from The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic with Simon Costin – Zoom

Simon Costin, live from the museum in Cornwall where he will show and discuss some of his favourite treasures from the collection

Children of the Night: The History of the Wolf in Britain – Derek Gow/ Zoom

The wolf’s strange imaginative hold over us is reflected in the wealth of spurious falsehoods that persisted about it long after the species

The Ravenmaster – The Corvids of The Tower of London – Chris Skaife – Zoom

The first intimate behind-the-scenes account of life with the ravens of the Tower, the Ravenmaster himself shares the folklore and history

Matthew Holness and Edward Parnell’s Darkplaces – Zoom lecture

Join Matthew Holness and Edward Parnell as they talk about their favourite ghost stories and tales of the weird and eerie.

Village Witchcraft & Magic – Professor Ronald Hutton

Prof. Ronald Hutton will reveal a complex and fascinating world rich in magical tradition, in which cunning folk and charmers flourished

The Flying House of Loreto – Dame Marina Warner

The story of this holy house and its ‘wondrous flittings’ in relation to ideas about losing home and remaking it, exile & settlement

Magical House Protection: The Archaeology of Counter-Witchcraft – B Hoggard

Zoom lecture to learn about the material evidence of witchcraft beliefs which have been discovered in the fabric of building throughout the

Tattoo: An Art History – Dr Matt Lodder – Zoom lecture

Lodder reveals how tastes and technologies have affected the type of images being tattooed; how innovations in both style and method percola

Leonora Carrington. A World Made of Magic – Teresa Arcq – Zoom Lecture

In Leonora Carrington´s oeuvre, fantastic animals and beings inhabit magical worlds.

Mabinogi – the Hanging of a Mouse – Welsh Stories – Hugh Lupton

One of the central concerns of the Mabinogi is the uneasy relationship between this world and Annwn, the Otherworld, performed over zoom

Medieval Monsters, and the Problem of Evil – Dr Stephen Asma

In this lecture Dr. Asma will explore some of the dominant types of monsters in ancient Western literature, natural history, and philosophy

Grimoires & Magical Books – Owen Davies

Owen Davies illuminates the many fascinating forms these recondite books have taken and exactly what these books held. Zoom Lecture

Welsh Witches – A Lecture by Richard Suggett on Zoom

Can't wait till next Halloween? Join Richard Suggett for a fascinating look at the people and places associated with witchcraft in Wales

The Cult of Mithras – David Walsh – Zoom lecture

The cult of Mithras was an esoteric religion that existed in the Roman Empire from the 1st to the 4th centuries CE

The Magical Mind of Ithell Colquhoun, Surrealist & Occultist – Dr. Amy Hale – Zoom Talk

Lecture on one of the most interesting, dynamic, and theoretically sophisticated women Surrealists & Occultists by Dr.Amy Hale

Irish Fairy Tales – The Further Adventures of Paddy O’Dwire – Viktor Wynd

Irish Fairy Tales featuring real fairies, myths and monsters from traditional storyteller Viktor Wynd

The History of Halloween with Professor Ronald Hutton on Zoom

Explore the history of Halloween—from its murky pagan past and supernatural associations—with Professor Ronald Hutton on Zoom

CABARETS OF DEATH – Zoom Lecture from Joanna Ebenstein

CABARETS OF DEATH - Playing with Death and the Afterlife in Popular Amusements A Live, Illustrated Zoom Talk with historian Joanna Ebenstein

Cruel Intentions: Haunted Food & Doomed Relationships in Gothic Literature – Alessandra Pino – Zoom

Alessandra Pino will dissect how food and consumption symbolise more than just sustenance in Gothic literature / Zoom lecture

Witch Hunting in England and America, 1645–52 by Professor Malcolm Gaskill

Just in time for Halloween, Professor Malcolm Gaskill shines a light on a decade rife with self-professed witchfinders in England and abroad

Every Day is Halloween with Lisa Morton on Zoom

Join author and screenwriter Lisa Morton on Halloween's explosive growth - it's all about canny retailing, uncanny art, and what scares us

Curious Coffins and Haunted Dolls by Dr Louise Fenton – Zoom Lecture

Louise Fenton’s lecture will explore two collections of mysterious dolls within the city of Edinburgh

Animal Transformations: Selkies, Werewolves and Witch-Hares – Professor Larrington

Join Professor Carolyne Larrington on an exploration of the strange folkloric world of animal transformations / Zoom lecture

Transformation and Identity in Austin Osman Spare by Michael Staley by zoom

In this illustrated talk, Michael Staley discusses Spare’s vision with particular reference to a number of pictures

Galen: most-celebrated physician in the ancient world – Vivian Nutton /Zoom

Join Vivian Nutton to learn about the most-celebrated doctor in the ancient world: Galen of Pergamum (129-ca. 216 CE) Zoom Lecture

A World on The Wing – Bird Migration with Scott Weidensaul

Bird migration remains perhaps the most singularly compelling natural phenomenon in the world.

Piskies & Pobel Vean: Cornwall’s Capricious Little Folk/ Siân Esther Powell

So, let us explore the Cornish Pobel Vean, just how harmless are they really? - Zoom Lecture hosted Dr Amy Hale

Surrealism and Crime: A Live Zoom Lecture by Jonathan P. Eburne

Join Professor Jonathan P. Eburne to explore how crime informed the surrealist movement in Europe

The Philosophy of Monsters in Ancient Greece & Rome – Dr Stephen Asma

In this lecture Dr. Asma will explore some of the dominant types of monsters in ancient Western literature, natural history, and philosophy

The Making of Magical Cornwall with Dr Amy Hale

This talk will explore the historical development of magical Cornwall in the cultural imagination - Zoom Lecture

Traditional Fairies – Professor Ronald Hutton Zoom Lecture

Examining the older, darker, more scary and more serious world of traditional British and Irish peoples who lived alongside fairies

Encounters with The Uncanny with Helen Cornish

Encounters with the uncanny: the land beyond the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic - Zoom Lecture

Tammy Blee’s Cabalistic Agency – Jason Semmens – Zoom

Although much has been written about the historic folk-magic practitioners known as cunning-folk in recent years, in-depth accounts of

Tony ‘Doc ‘ Shiels – Reenchanted Landscapes of Cornwall – Dr.Rupert White

The UnNatural History of Cornwall - on artist Tony 'Doc'Sheils 'the Weirdest Family in The Land

Zoroastrianism and the Parsis – Professor Almut Hintze – Zoom Lecture

Once the official creed of mighty Persian Empires, Zoroastrianism probably had an influence on the religious ideas of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Charles Waterton, Ecentric Taxidermist by Dr. Pat Morris, Live on Zoom

Charles Waterton used his texidermy skill to fabricate imaginary creatures,

Witchcraft Curses of the Twentieth Century – Dr. Louise Fenton

Lecture on the collection of curses and cursed objects at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Cornwall

Tortoise Keeping in Europe -a Brief History – Eleanor Chubb – Zoom Lecture

Eleanor Tirtasana Chubb - leading tortoise conservationist, keeper and breeder discusses the European History of Pet Tortoises

A Dark Muse – Writers & The Occult – Gary Lachman Zoom Lecture

Gary Lachman will look at how occult thought and ideas influenced some of the most important and influential writers and poets of the past two centuries

A Look at Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy with Joanna Ebenstein

Walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy with Mexico based curator, author and co-founder of Morbid Anatomy

The Ghost – A Cultural History with Susan Owens – Zoom Lecture

Susan Owens on her book - The Ghost - a Cultural History - Zoom Lecture in collaboration with Morbid anatomy

The Unnatural History Museum – NMM Cornwall – Viktor Wynd’s Zoom Tour

Join Viktor Wynd in Cornwall via Zoom) for a Guided tour of his Cornish UnNatural History Museum - nestled within The National Maritime Museum Falmouth

The Nazis & The Occult – Zoom Lecture – Michael Fitzgerald

How the Nazi Party was infected with the belief that occult skills could be used to gain dominion over the world

For the Love of Birds: An Introduction to Birdwatching by Mark Cocker on Zoom

Step into the fascinating world of bird watching as award-winning author and naturalist Mark Cocker lays out its history and practice

In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States – Tere Arcq

Live on Zoom from Mexico City Teresa Arcq will discuss her LACMA exhibition In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and The United States

Dragons – Professor Ronald Hutton Zoom Lecture

Professor Ronald Hutton examines Dragons in Myths & Legends

The Eloquent Blood: The Goddess Babalon and The Construction of Femininities in Western Esotericism – Dr. Manon Hedenborg White

Join Manon Hedenborg White for a Zoom Lecture on Babalon and her meaning in modern occultism as a goddess of ego-death, eroticism, and transgressive femininity.

Leonora Carrington, My Mother – Gaby Weisz – Zoom Lecture

Leonora Carrington's Son - Gaby Weisz - talks about his recent memoir of his mother with Viktor Wynd - Zoom Lecture in collaboration with Morbid Anatomy

The Archaeology Of British Surrealism: A Lecture By David Haycock On Zoom

Join art historian Dr David Boyd Haycock to explore the fascinating history of the Surrealist movement in Britain

The Botanical Mind: Art, Mysticism & The Cosmic Tree – Gina Buenfeld – Zoom

This talk will explore the ways in which plants have informed artists, mystics and scientists throughout history and around the world.

Beyond Purple Emperors, Extremes of Butterflying – Matthew Oates – by Zoom

The science and social science of butterflies just gets better and better. Our love affair with these fickle sprites of the sunshine hours continually deepens

Philip Terry on Oulipo, France’s Longest Lasting Literary Group

Join writer and translator Philip Terry to learn about France's Ouvroir de littérature potentielle or Workshop of Potential Literature

The History and Mystery of Haitian Vodou, Zoom Lecture by Dr Louise Fenton

Often misrepresented, stereotyped and misunderstood, this talk will discuss the history of Haitian Vodou.

A Modest Look at Ritual Nudity – Professor Ronald Hutton

In this Zoom Lecture Prof. Ronald Hutton opens a door onto a world in which ritual nudity has been, since ancient times, a constant feature of Magic & Initiation

On The Monstrous Pictures of Whales – Philip Hoare – Zoom Lecture

Philip Hoare on how to depict the impossible, a monster more bizarre than any medieval Apocalypse or engravings of krakens and rhinoceroses?

Otherworlds: Psychedelics and Exceptional Human Experiences – Dr. David Luke

This zoom talk is a psychonautic scientific trip to the weirdest outposts of the psychedelic terrain

Fairy Tales from Papua New Guinea – Zoom Bedtime Stories from Viktor Wynd

This evening Mr.Wynd will choose some of his favourite tales picked up on his travels across Papua New Guinea. Strange, Wondrous Tales.

The Marquis De Sade & The Avant-garde: Illustrated Zoom Talk by Alyce Mahon

Join Professor Alyce Mahon to trace how the Marquis de Sade became an icon of free expression and explore his influence on Surrealist art

Deanna Petherbridge on Witches & Wicked Bodies: An Illustrated Zoom Lecture

Join Deanna Petherbridge to explore European witchcraft from the ancient world to present day through a rich survey of images

Magic, Medicine, and the Body in Pre-Modern Europe with Dr. Alexander Cummins

Join Dr Alexander Cummins to explore the history and magic of melothesia: the practice of understanding occult influences on the human body

Freud’s Pandemics: A Live Zoom Lecture with Professor Brett Kahr

Join Dr Brett Kahr to learn what Freud—having lived through WWI, the Spanish Flu, and Nazi occupation—can teach us in this new pandemic

Of Ravens, Wolves & People – Professor John Marzluff – Zoom Lecture

Professor Marzluff will examine the interaction between Ravens, Wolves & People

The Philosophy of Monsters: An Illustrated Lecture by Dr Stephen Asma

Join Dr Stephen Asma, author of "On Monsters", as he examines the human condition by looking at what scares us most

Mike Jay on Mescaline & Art – Zoom Lecture

Mike Jay on Mescaline & Art - Zoom Lecture in Collaboration with New York's Morbid Anatomy

The Discovery of The Modern Goddess with Professor Ronald Hutton

Prof.Hutton on how and when the modern Western world came to have its most common image of what a goddess should be

The Nightingale: A Zoom Talk by Sam Lee

Come to the forest, sit by the fireside and listen to intoxicating song, as Sam Lee tells the story of the nightingale.

Licentious Worlds – Sexual Culture In Global Empires – Julie Peakman

Zoom Lecture - Licentious Worlds is a history of sexual attitudes and behaviour through five hundred years of empire-building around the world.

The History Of Taxidermy By Dr. Pat Morris, Live On Zoom

Join Dr Pat Morris for a fascinating tour through the history of taxidermy, from its earliest examples to modern incarnations

Grimm Tales from The Brothers Grimm – Zoom Bedtime Stories from Viktor Wynd

This evening Mr.Wynd will choose some of his favourite tales, Princesses will suffer strange enchantments, evil stepmothers will plot and scheme, shapes will change....

In The Realm Of The Dark Rabbit: A Comic Lecture By David Bramwell

Join Dr David Bramwell on Zoom to uncover what drives some to con, deceive and pull pranks and explore the changing role of the trickster over time

Viktor Wynd on The UnNatural History Museum – The Lecture That Never Was

Join Viktor Wynd for an illustrated zoom lecture on his new book, hear about fairies, mermaids, ghosts, shrunken heads and his dead friends.

The Horned God – Professor Ronald Hutton – Zoom Lecture

Ronald Hutton zoom lecture on the main form of male divinity found in modern Paganism: the horned god of nature and of fertility

Irish Fairy Tales – The Further Adventures of Paddy O’Dwire – Viktor Wynd

Irish Fairy Tales featuring real fairies, myths and monsters from traditional storyteller Viktor Wynd

Marina Warner – Mary Magdalene and her Jar: Fragrant Oils, Luxury and Sin

In an illustrated zoom lecture Marina Warner will uncover the long associations of balm with the pleasures and solace of the East.

Simon Costin on The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic – Zoom Lecture

The Director of Cornwall's Museum of Witchcraft & Magic will discuss the extraordinary history of the institution and look at some pieces

The Octopus & Evolution of Intelligent Life with Peter Godfrey-Smith, Zoom

Join Professor Peter Godfrey-Smith on a fascinating journey to the depths of the ocean to learn how nature became aware of itself

Calling the Spirits: A History of Seances with Lisa Morton, Live on Zoom

Join author and screenwriter Lisa Morton to explore how our fascination with talking to the dead grew and evolved

Mark Cocker on Crows – Zoom Lecture

Zoom Lecture Series Collaboration with New York's Morbid Anatomy, Mark Cocker - the pre-eminent nature writer of our times discusses Crows

Britain’s Pagan Heritage With Professor Ronald Hutton

Prof.Hutton Will examine our Magnificent Pre-Christian Heritage and examine how much of this it is possible to recover - Zoom Lecture

Sam Lee & Viktor Wynd – Bed Time Ballads, Stories & a Lullaby

Join Sam Lee and Viktor Wynd for a nightcap, let them tuck you into bed, tell you fairy tales, sing ballads and a sweet lullaby on zoom

Bedtime Stories with Viktor Wynd: Irish Fairytales

Let Viktor Wynd tuck you into bed and tell you strange Irish Fairy Tales with a changeling, Mermaid, talking corpse & of course real fairies