Storytime With Viktor Wynd YouTube Channel

Viktor Wynd is an artist working in the field of relational aesthetics, a ‘pataphysicist, writer, curator, collector, dilettante, naturalist and antiquarian.   The museum is his best known art work – a Gesamtkunstwerk  exploring the inside of his head, his innermost thoughts, dreams and demons.  Once  best known as one of London’s most innovative impresarios through his role as founder, and Chancellor of interdisciplinary art movement The Last Tuesday Society – an experiment in Relational Aesthetics; he has put on over 500 literary salons, curated over forty art exhibitions at his eponymous art gallery, séances, workshops and of course his parties that regularly attract in excess of 3000 guests. He first gained notoriety with “Loss; an evening of Exquisite Misery” – a reinterpretation of Gunter Grass’s Onion Cellar Nightclub from The Tin Drum – guests were invited to dress in Decaying Beauty, chop onions and cry, he next reinvented The Masquerade Ball for the twenty first century, where it was not unusual to see him dressed head to foot in custom cut red sequined suits, red python skin shoes & red body paint introducing a classical orchestra of over a hundred whilst naked boys and girls painted gold circulate dropping living oysters down waltzing revelers throats – who have themselves often spent months creating their stunning outfits, not to mention Wyndstock – the magnificent ball he held at Houghton Hall in Norfolk.He is the author of two books  ‘Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders’ & ‘The UnNatural History Museum’   both published by Prestel

His most recent exhibition, a  re-imagining of his London Museum  is at The National Maritime Museum in Cornwall until the end of 2022.

As a teenager he lived in Paris, attending lectures at the Sorbonne by day and Le Queen by night, moving to London to read Medieval Islamic History at The School of Oriental and African Studies after graduating he returned to Paris working as a gardener at the English Catholic Church and writing a novel and three volumes of poetry before returning to London to study ceramics at The John Cass from where he was awarded The Rosenquist Fellowship in Fine arts at The University of South Florida. Historically his work has always examined narrative structures and sought a way to examine the cracks in the pavement where meaning disappears. His gallery exhibitions, including “Why I Think I’m So Fucking Special – It’s All About Me” – Miami 2004 & “The Sorrows of Young Wynd” Miami 2006 were designed as multifaceted immersive installations however he swiftly became frustrated with the artworld preferring to create vast social sculptures. In 2013 he was the subject of a documentary by the National Geographic Channel watched by almost 200 million people.  In recent years he has returned to the studio mainly working in porcelain and ceramics

He lives on a small farm in East Anglia with an ever increasing menagerie and collections of carnivorous plants, orchids and fruit trees.