The Viktor Wynd Museum & Jerusalem Press are Delighted to Invite you to come and say goodbye to our exhibition of 42 works – ‘A Bestiary of Austin Osman Spare’ – closes July 9th and toast the publication of the deluxe edition of The Book of Pleasure by Austin Osman Spare

This newly revised 2023 Jerusalem Press edition marks 110 years since first publication of Spare’s magical book. Resplendent with full-page symbolist illustrations representing some of the artist’s most beautiful draughtsmanship. It is also festooned with Spare’s automatic drawings and sigils. This seminal work has established Spare as a unique and formidable figure in twentieth century western magic.

This edition includes previously unpublished drawings and ink works that may well have been part of the artist’s wider conception of the Book.

Dr William Wallace offers new research on the development of the Sacred Alphabet. He also analyses the constructive geometry underpinning the many sigils found in The Book of Pleasure. Featuring an evocative introduction by Alan Moore and an illustrated magical essay by Michael Staley. This new edition also includes ‘Automatic Drawing’ (1916) co-authored with Frederick Carter, and Carter’s review article of the same name from a little-known art journal (1914).

Spare’s book is one of pleasure. It speaks of the joy and the accomplishment that are the natural right of any soul unburdened by the world’s imprinted intellectual architectures and emotive double-binds … It is impossible to recommend this work too highly, so read on. Pleasure yourselves. – Alan Moore

June 21st 2023 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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