In person at the museum NOT BY ZOOM!  

Guided tours of London’s Famous – nay InFamous – Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & UnNatural History, first drink your Devil’s Botany  Absinthe (included in ticket price) – then see Dodo’s Bones, Erotica from Around the World, Real Fairies, Mermaids, Creatures of The Deep. Occult Masterpieces by Austin Osman Spare, Surrealist Minorpieces by Leonora Carrington, Pailthorpe & Mednikoff, Old Master Etchings, Magick, The Gnostic Temple of Agape, Dead Dandies, Gian’t’s Bones, The Naughy Nun, Unicorns, Voodoo Fetishes from Benin, Masks from New Guinea and The Congo, Entomological Displays, The Cabinet of Monsters with Two Headed Lam, Piglet and Kitten, 4 legged Chicken, Eight Legged Lamb, Two Headed Snake, Skeletons, Taxiermy, Dead People, Spirit Drawings, Old Dolls, Human Hair Art, a Magic Teacup, Magick Soap, Skulls Taxidermy and more – all underground in a tiny, claustrophobic basement that looks like the inside of Viktor Wynd’s Mind

Tours with Vadim Kosmos – Emeritus Director of the Museum on the dates below, tickets £10 including a glass of Absinthe


    • Jan: Sun 28th – 12.00
    • Feb: Wed 21st – 18.00
    • Mar: Sun 31st – 12.00
    • Apr: Wed 17th – 18.00
    • May: Sun 26th – 12.00
    • Jun: Wed 19th – 18.00
    • Jul: Sun 28th – 12.00
Apr: Wed 17th - 18.00

£10 including a glass of Absinthe