Please note this is NOT a ZOOM event but an in person workshop at our museum – tickets include a complimentary glass of Devil’s Botany Absinthe

The Last Tuesday Society is delighted to invite Lucya Starza to host an in-person poppet making workshop at our most curious venue.

This live workshop offers the chance to make a magical poppet for protection and take part in a witchcraft ritual to enchant it for its purpose. Running as part of the events programme alongside Viktor Wynd’s exhibition on poppets, this is a chance to learn more about how they are made and used. Historically effigies and dolls have long been an important part of sympathetic magic to help, heal or harm. Their human-like form adding to their effectiveness whether doing a spell for yourself or to affect another individual. This hands-on class covers the theory, practice and a little history of the subject of magical dolls. All materials and instructions are provided and everyone at the workshop will be able to take home their own protection poppet.

About Lucya Starza

Lucya Starza is an eclectic witch living in London, England. As well as being a Wiccan and having a long-standing interest in traditional witchcraft, she grew up in a family where folk magic practices were part of everyday life. She writes A Bad Witch’s Blog at and is the author of Pagan Portals – Poppets and Magical Dolls as well as other books published by Moon Books on candle magic, scrying, guided visualisations and the Wheel of the Year.

Devil’s Botany is London’s first absinthe distillery, founded by Directors of The Last Tuesday Society’s Absinthe Parlour & Cocktail Bar.