Devil’s Botany invites you to discover the secrets and tips of flower pressing on Sunday 13th August at The Last Tuesday Society while sipping on a floral Devil’s Botany Wildflower Spritz.

Devil’s Botany London Absinthe is an exquisite aperitif reminiscent of a British meadow. Distilled with a bouquet of the finest botanicals, Absinthe’s historic trinity of grand wormwood, green anise and fennel seed is expertly blended with local botanicals such as elderflower, lemon balm and meadowsweet that can be found growing wild across London.

During this workshop, guests will be able to choose from a large variety of pressed flowers to be arranged on quality A4 paper during. All the necessary equipment will be provided. Everyone walks out with their creation in a pretty envelope afterwards.

Event suitable for 18+ years and older only.

Maddy’s Workshop is a local East London based decor brand created by french artisan Manon Le Fer. All flowers are sourced sustainably from temperate climates. The pressing process allows us to keep and sell them all year round until the next bloom. Just like humans, every flower is unique. Thus, Maddy’s Workshop tries to reveal the beauty in each of them.


Devil’s Botany is London’s first Absinthe distillery, celebrating the forgotten elixirs of London’s curious past. Launched in January 2021, their original recipes call upon the traditions once mastered by the apothecaries of 18th Century London, the vast herbarium of flavours they housed and the botanical elixirs concocted. Hidden within their recipe books was a key to the origins of absinthe that had previously remained unknown. Nearly a century before the first commercial distilleries opened elsewhere in the world, London’s dram-drinkers were already enjoying a precursor to the botanical spirit made by the local apothecaries. Delightfully bittersweet and clear in colour, the noble aperitif has been praised for its revitalising flavour and found most effective in raising the spirits for over 300 years.