An overview of animist philosophies and how they impact ethical choices and interactions with the world around us. How do we relate to a world where every tree, rock, and river might be regarded as a living being with needs and agendas of their own? This talk will draw on notions of personhood, reflect on changing laws from around the world as we reconsider our relationships with the non-human, and also reflect on the changing ways we have viewed our fellow humans over the last few centuries. How might living according to animist philosophies change the ways we act and treat the people around us?


Robin Herne is the author of a number of books on pagan and esoteric subjects, including “Pantheon – the Egyptians” (published by Moon Books) which explores the realm of Kemetic mythology. He lives in East Anglia and regularly lectures on a wide variety of topics both academic and spiritual. He enjoys painting, poetry, baking, history, and is owned by a malamute.

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15th Sep 2024 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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