Formidable Warrior Women: Tales of the Amazons in Antiquity

Tales of the Amazons, a female-only society of fierce warriors, captured the imagination of the ancient Greeks and Romans. In antiquity, Amazons inspired a range of reactions – some saw them as a threat to the Greek patriarchal state, while others treated them as valiant heroes. This presentation examines a wide range of art and literature to trace changing attitudes towards these warrior women throughout Greece and Rome.


Connie Skibinski is an Early Career Research having recently completed a PhD (Classics) at The University of Newcastle. Her primary research interest is Greco-Roman mythology and the adaptation of ancient mythology from the Medieval period to the contemporary era. Her doctoral thesis is a Classical Reception study of the Amazon Queen Penthesilea, examining written and visual representations from antiquity to the twenty-first century. Connie has published on the Amazons in contemporary media and is currently co-editing three edited volumes (on Xena, Wonder Woman and ancient women). She is also working on a contracted monograph on Amazons in Medieval literature, as well as a book chapter that examines the ancient Amazons through a queer theory lens.

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