Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

Taking a look at some golden era Hollywood films, Carl Abrahamsson ponders the occasional occurrence of Satan in various guises. How come this popular yet stigmatized figure/symbol popped up when and as it did in Hollywood? Expect an infernal rollercoaster through masterpieces like ”Madam Satan”, ”Seven Footsteps to Satan”, ”Angel on my shoulder” and many more. Was Satan merely an entertaining symbol of the Immoral, or perhaps of the Immortal principle of lust for life and proud defiance?

Speaker Bio

Carl Abrahamsson (b 1966) is a Swedish author whose passionate interest in the occult has also made him take creative detours into film-making, music-making, photography, and into founding and running the Institute of Comparative Magico-anthropology.

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Feb 19th 2024 8:00 pm - 09:30 pm

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