Almost every country in which wolves have been found has legends of people who can transform into wolves and half-human monsters. This talk explores a selection of such legends and the possible explanations for how those stories started – from medical and psychiatric explanations, to shamanic transformations of consciousness, to ritualistic costumed performances. Alongside mythology and magical traditions, the talk will draw on trial records from people accused of being werewolves in centuries past to reveal what were (at the time) widely held beliefs about the kinds of monsters that dwell alongside us. We will also pause to consider the impact of Hollywood and literature on changing what we think about lycanthropy.


Robin Herne is the author of a number of books on pagan and esoteric subjects, including “Pantheon – the Egyptians” (published by Moon Books) which explores the realm of Kemetic mythology. He lives in East Anglia and regularly lectures on a wide variety of topics both academic and spiritual. He enjoys painting, poetry, baking, history, and is owned by a malamute.

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27th Oct 2024 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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