Rivers and streams sculpt our landscape, and have connected our communities throughout history, from mountain to estuary and to the wide sea beyond. They give us water and food, trade and transport, yet they have a life-force all of their own.

Lisa Schneidau has collected traditional folk tales from wild rivers, lakes, and streams for her new book River Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland (History Press). Here are old stories of danger and transformation, river goddesses, ghosts and mysterious creatures that dwell in the watery arteries of these islands. They tell of the power and energy of water through our landscape, and the price to be paid for neglect and pollution.


Lisa Schneidau is a storyteller and environmentalist based on Dartmoor. She seeks out, and shares, traditional stories about the land and our complex relationship with it. Lisa is the author of Woodland Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland (History Press, 2020) and Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland (History Press, 2018). She tells stories at events, nature reserves, arts centres and schools, including performance storytelling, training and storytelling development within education, as well as helping to run South Devon Storytellers and Dartmoor Storytellers. Lisa trained as an ecologist and has worked in British nature conservation for over twenty years, in roles as diverse as farm advisor, lobbyist and conservation director. http://www.lisaschneidau.co.uk

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Nov 20th 2022 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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