The Egyptian God Setekh

This talk explores the nature and role of the deity known variously as Set, Seth, Setekh and other variants. We will examine the way in which the Lord of the Desert was understood at different periods of Egyptian history and the factors that led to these differing views.

As well as understanding the theological views of ancient and modern polytheists, we will also consider the stories of Setekh from a Jungian perspective and the insights into the human psyche that can be found in them.


Robin Herne is the author of a number of books on pagan and esoteric subjects, including “Pantheon – the Egyptians” (published by Moon Books) which explores the realm of Kemetic mythology. He lives in East Anglia and regularly lectures on a wide variety of topics both academic and spiritual. He enjoys painting, poetry, baking, history, and is owned by a malamute.

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