The Great God Pan

An introduction to the mythology of the Greek deity Pan and how the goat-foot god has cast his influence into art, literature and popular culture to this very day. This talk will reflect on the Victorian and Edwardian fascination with Pan and his appearance in the stories of Saki, Grahame, Benson, Machen and others. To most of the ancients, Pan was a minor rural god beloved of shepherds and rustics, but to the mystics of the Orphic Cultus he was the supreme being, embodiment of all things. The changing views of Pan will be considered along with ways in which he can be understood by modern Jungian theorists.


Robin Herne is the author of a number of books on pagan and esoteric subjects, including “Pantheon – the Egyptians” (published by Moon Books) which explores the realm of Kemetic mythology. He lives in East Anglia and regularly lectures on a wide variety of topics both academic and spiritual. He enjoys painting, poetry, baking, history, and is owned by a malamute.

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27th March 2024 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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