Bodies Behaving Badly – From Vagina Dentata to Wandering Wombs – Prof. Marguerite Johnson – 6 part Lecture Series

In this special six-part series, Professor Marguerite Johnson takes us on an uncanny journey across time and space into the wilds of human imagination.

Vagina Dentata – Prof. Marguerite Johnson

In this illustrated talk, Professor Marguerite Johnson considers the mindboggling topic of vagina dentata (or toothed vagina).

Wandering Wombs – Prof. Marguerite Johnson

Believe it or not, some people – including doctors and scientists – believed that a womb possessed a mind of its own

Stolen Penises – Prof. Marguerite Johnson

Imagine losing your penis. Imagine someone – a woman, naturally – stealing your penis.

Witch Marks – Prof. Marguerite Johnson

Detecting the so-called ‘witch’s mark’ or ‘devil’s mark’ was a means of proving someone was a witch.

Birthing Bunnies (and other such things) – Prof. Marguerite Johnson

This lecture unpacks stories around women giving birth to animals, from rabbits to pigs.

Hirsute Women – Prof. Marguerite Johnson

This lecture considers hair as a marker of monstrosity, beginning with ancient accounts of the hirsute women