Psychedelics - Past Digital Events

LSD and Conspiracy Theories: A Secret History – Alan Piper

This lecture will explore the interesting history of theories and conspiracies surrounding the origins of LSD and early stories

On the Need for Metaphysics in Psychedelic Therapy and Research – Dr Peter Sjostedt-Hughes

In psychedelic-assisted therapy one sees the potential fusion between reason-based philosophy and practical therapy

The Museum of Drugs: Under the Influence – a history of drug use from early evolution to criminalisation – Ben Curran

The Museum of Drugs: Under the Influence - a history of drug use from early evolution to criminalisation

The Truth about Drugs – David Badcock

Drug Science CEO David Badcock will explain the reasons such failure was predictable and illustrate how decriminalisation policies

Spiritual Abduction: ETs, NDEs & DMT – Pascal Michael

Spiritual Abduction: The surprising semblance betwixt spirits and aliens, near-death and extraterrestrial experiences

The Fabulous Tale of the Fly Agaric Mushroom – Andy Letcher

In this talk, Dr Andy Letcher discusses the chemistry, effects, history and cultural impact of this strange, eldritch mushroom

Nature, Shamanism and Psychoactive Drugs in Greek Bronze Age Religion by Dr Caroline Tully

The lecture will also look at the presence of nature in ritual scenes, particularly sacred trees

Exploring the Anomolous in Psychedelic Therapy – Dr David Luke

The Anomolous in Psychedelic Therapy’ with ‘from Neurodivergence to the transpersonal

Psychedelic Therapy and Depth Relational Process by Maria Papaspyrou

The integrative approach of Depth Relational Process is an attempt to maintain some core values of psychedelic inquiry through a framework that supports diversity, integrity and me

Wild Kindness; Artistic Practice as Psychedelic Integration – Bett Williams

When Bett's writer's block began to negatively affect every area of her life, she turned to psilocybin mushrooms for help

The Future of Psychedelic Spirituality by Rick Strassman on Zoom

He will discuss the prophetic model, its relevance to the psychedelic state, and advantages over the mystical unitive approach.

A brief history of the magic mushroom by Andy Letcher on zoom

In the twinkling of an eye: a brief history of the magic mushroom

Dennis McKenna on Psychedelics and evolution: the ‘Stoned Ape Theory’

Dennis McKenna presents an exclusive lecture discussing brand new reflections, theories and findings on the theory based on his ‘Stoned Ape'

The Botanical Mind: Art, Mysticism & The Cosmic Tree – Gina Buenfeld – Zoom

This talk will explore the ways in which plants have informed artists, mystics and scientists throughout history and around the world.

Otherworlds: Psychedelics and Exceptional Human Experiences – Dr. David Luke

This zoom talk is a psychonautic scientific trip to the weirdest outposts of the psychedelic terrain