Supernatural Mystery Symposium: Dr. Raymond Buckland’s ‘Wide World of Spirit – Steven Intermill and Toni Rotonda

Steven Intermill, will explore Buckland's interest in Spiritualism and his summers spent in Lily Dale during his last years

Supernatural Mystery Symposium: Ted Serios: The Mind’s Eye, with Emily Hauver

Ted Serios was purportedly able to document his inner thoughts on Polaroid film in a process called 'thoughtography.'

Supernatural Mystery Symposium: Séance: Spiritualism, Photography and the Search for Ectoplasm – Shannon Taggart

Shannon will share stories and pictures from twenty years of photographing mediumship, explaining how two decades of investigation developed

Supernatural Mystery Symposium: Music from Elsewhere – Doug Skinner

presents music attributed to non-human inspiration— tunes from fairies, trolls, trows, angels, spirits, and aliens, as well as music generated by channeling, visions, and dreams.

Supernatural Mystery Symposium: Publishing the Paranormal – Charles and Penelope Emmons

Charles and Penelope Emmons discuss their own adventures in publishing the paranormal in academic and other contexts and those of other researchers as well

Supernatural Mystery Symposium: Reclaiming Art – JF Martel

The book places art alongside languages and the biosphere as something endangered by the onslaught of predatory capitalism

“You Are to Do What We Say”: The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle and his Spirit Guide Pheneas – Michael W Homer

This presentation will use previously unpublished materials to explore the séances in which Pheneas appeared to Doyle’s home circle

Supernatural Mystery Symposium - Past Digital Events

Supernatural Mystery Symposium: Spiritual Spectacles: Mother’s Work and the Shaker Era of Manifestations – Maria Molteni

This lecture will contextualize the Era of Manifestations, its overlap with Spiritualism, and some of Molteni’s responsive artwork as artist

Supernatural Mystery Symposium: What Is the Future of the Grave? by Allison Meier

Allison C. Meier has been leading cemetery tours in the New York City area since 2011, including to graves of Spiritualists and mediums