Count Stenbock: Decadent master of the macabre – a Zoom talk by James Machin

An introductory Zoom talk by James Machin on the decadent writer of strange tales, Count Stenbock – 'scholar, connoisseur, drunkard, poet, pervert, most charming of men'

Folk Horror Series - Past Digital Events

Fashion in Folk Horror – Sacrificial Maidens and Ritual Robes – Prof Catherine Spooner

This talk traces the uneasy relationship between fashion and folk horror. It shows how the costumes of folk horror films

Visual Aesthetics of Folk Horror – Tanya Krzywinska

I will focus therefore on Folk Horror’s concern with the otherness of the landscape, nature, failed/misguided agency, and rural culture

The Problem of Folk Horror – Jeff Tolbert

This talk will highlight some of the specific problems of folk horror, while also distinguishing between folk horror as a genre

Looking East: From Folk Horror to Horror of the Folk in Thai Cinema – Katarzyna Ancuta

This lecture aims to demonstrate how folk horror operates as a mode in Thai cinema with a view to finding alternative definitions.

Sunny Landscapes, Dark Visions: Folk Horror and the Weird Imagination of E. F. Benson – Ruth Heholt

What is ‘Folk Horror’? Who bothered to define it and why and how useful is it to see it as a sub-genre?