Taxidermy and the Country House: where natural History meets social history – Dr Pat Morris

Taxidermy was a popular form of household decoration, often featuring hunting and fishing trophies.

Art of The Solomon Islands – Kevin Conru

In the art of the Solomons, there is a link between the visual and the practical.

Scandinavian forest through the hidden photographer’s lens – Jerry Geraldi

In this discussion, we will delve into the captivating world of photographing Norway through the lens of a dedicated photographer

Natural History - Past Digital Events

The Buried ‘Menageries’ of Ancient Egypt – Paul Whelan

This lecture will offer an overview of this ancient Egyptian practice and the significant roles their ‘menagerie’ of animals

The Secret World of Wasps – Prof Seirian Sumner

There may be no insect with a worse reputation than the wasp, and none guarding so many undiscovered wonders.

Gef the Talking Mongoose – a Zoom talk with Christopher Josiffe

"I am a ghost in the form of a mongoose, and I shall haunt you with weird noises..." Find out about the Isle of Man's most-famous spook in this Zoom talk with Christopher Josiffe.

The Edible Dormouse with Dr Pat Morris

The talk will review these issues and report on Europe’s longest population study of these animals

The History and Future of the Wildcat in Britain – A Zoom talk with Derek Gow

Join farmer and conservationist Derek Gow as he discusses one of Britain's rarest and most enigmatic native mammalian predators.

A history of Bird Taxidermy with Dr Pat Morris

The talk will explore how methods and motivations in taxidermy evolved to become a significant art form

Ways of Thinking – From Crows To Children And Back Again – Professor Nicola Clayton

In this talk I will review some of the recent work on the remarkable cognitive capacities of food-caching corvids

Birds and People: The Exploration of a Love Affair by Mark Cocker on Zoom

Mark Cocker draws on examples explored in his massive and massively acclaimed book Birds and People

How To Love Animals – Henry Mance by zoom

Many of us consider ourselves animal-lovers, so why is our society bad at making life better for animals?

The Spiritualism Symposium: Nature, Enchantment, Paranormal – Jack Hunter, Ph.D.

The Spiritualism Symposium, curated by Shannon Taggart : Nature, Enchantment, and the Paranormal, with Jack Hunter, Ph.D.

Hedgehogs by Dr. Pat Morris, Live on Zoom

He has been involved in hedgehog research ever since and will describe aspects of its natural history

Extreme Taxidermy by Dr. Pat Morris, Live on Zoom

This talk will focus on two of the most challenging and intriguing aspects of taxidermy.

The Making of Birds Britannica by Mark Cocker on Zoom

Birds Britannica was described as ‘a triumph’ and as ‘a bird book like no other’ when it was published in 2005

Scientific Monsters: Natural History, Teratology & Extraordinary – Dr Stephen Asma

In this lecture Dr. Asma will explore some of the dominant types of monsters in ancient Western literature, natural history, and philosophy

Children of the Night: The History of the Wolf in Britain – Derek Gow/ Zoom

The wolf’s strange imaginative hold over us is reflected in the wealth of spurious falsehoods that persisted about it long after the species

The Ravenmaster – The Corvids of The Tower of London – Chris Skaife – Zoom

The first intimate behind-the-scenes account of life with the ravens of the Tower, the Ravenmaster himself shares the folklore and history

Arthurian Legend – Elizabeth Archibald – Zoom lecture

For more than a thousand years, the adventures of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have been retold across Europe

Medieval Monsters, and the Problem of Evil – Dr Stephen Asma

In this lecture Dr. Asma will explore some of the dominant types of monsters in ancient Western literature, natural history, and philosophy

Galen: most-celebrated physician in the ancient world – Vivian Nutton /Zoom

Join Vivian Nutton to learn about the most-celebrated doctor in the ancient world: Galen of Pergamum (129-ca. 216 CE) Zoom Lecture

A World on The Wing – Bird Migration with Scott Weidensaul

Bird migration remains perhaps the most singularly compelling natural phenomenon in the world.

The Philosophy of Monsters in Ancient Greece & Rome – Dr Stephen Asma

In this lecture Dr. Asma will explore some of the dominant types of monsters in ancient Western literature, natural history, and philosophy

Tammy Blee’s Cabalistic Agency – Jason Semmens – Zoom

Although much has been written about the historic folk-magic practitioners known as cunning-folk in recent years, in-depth accounts of

Charles Waterton, Ecentric Taxidermist by Dr. Pat Morris, Live on Zoom

Charles Waterton used his texidermy skill to fabricate imaginary creatures,

Tortoise Keeping in Europe -a Brief History – Eleanor Chubb – Zoom Lecture

Eleanor Tirtasana Chubb - leading tortoise conservationist, keeper and breeder discusses the European History of Pet Tortoises

A Look at Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy with Joanna Ebenstein

Walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy with Mexico based curator, author and co-founder of Morbid Anatomy

The Unnatural History Museum – NMM Cornwall – Viktor Wynd’s Zoom Tour

Join Viktor Wynd in Cornwall via Zoom) for a Guided tour of his Cornish UnNatural History Museum - nestled within The National Maritime Museum Falmouth

For the Love of Birds: An Introduction to Birdwatching by Mark Cocker on Zoom

Step into the fascinating world of bird watching as award-winning author and naturalist Mark Cocker lays out its history and practice

The Botanical Mind: Art, Mysticism & The Cosmic Tree – Gina Buenfeld – Zoom

This talk will explore the ways in which plants have informed artists, mystics and scientists throughout history and around the world.

Beyond Purple Emperors, Extremes of Butterflying – Matthew Oates – by Zoom

The science and social science of butterflies just gets better and better. Our love affair with these fickle sprites of the sunshine hours continually deepens

On The Monstrous Pictures of Whales – Philip Hoare – Zoom Lecture

Philip Hoare on how to depict the impossible, a monster more bizarre than any medieval Apocalypse or engravings of krakens and rhinoceroses?

Of Ravens, Wolves & People – Professor John Marzluff – Zoom Lecture

Professor Marzluff will examine the interaction between Ravens, Wolves & People

The Philosophy of Monsters: An Illustrated Lecture by Dr Stephen Asma

Join Dr Stephen Asma, author of "On Monsters", as he examines the human condition by looking at what scares us most

The History Of Taxidermy By Dr. Pat Morris, Live On Zoom

Join Dr Pat Morris for a fascinating tour through the history of taxidermy, from its earliest examples to modern incarnations

Simon Costin on The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic – Zoom Lecture

The Director of Cornwall's Museum of Witchcraft & Magic will discuss the extraordinary history of the institution and look at some pieces