The Legendary Origins of Britain – Zoom lecture with John Clark

John Clark investigates the legendary origins of Britain, with Trojans at Totnes and Giants on Plymouth Hoe...

Cornwall/Kernow - Past Digital Events

The History of the Cornish Language: From the Romans to the death of Dolly Pentreath in 1777 – Kensa Broadhurst

This talk examines the political, social, and economic reasons why the Cornish language retreated; how events in wider Europe affected life

Stone Club: Rediscovering Ancient Sites – Lally MacBeth and Matthew Shaw

In this talk Lally & Matthew will take you on a journey through the history of Stone Club exploring along the way the resurgence of interest

Cornish legends and healthcare – Charlotte MacKenzie – Zoom Lecture

This talk describes interconnections between some of these legends, historical individuals, and healthcare in Georgian Cornwall.

The Story of a Cornish Witch: Joan Wytte (Fighting Fairy Woman of Bodmin), the Archives and the Imagination by Helen Cornish

This talk looks at how the life and death of Joan Wytte has become a foundational stone for modern witches in search of practical ancestors

More Treasures from The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic with Simon Costin – Zoom

Simon Costin, live from the museum in Cornwall where he will show and discuss some of his favourite treasures from the collection

Witchcraft, Wunderkammer and Weirdness!: Steve Patterson’s Cornish Cabinet of Magic and Folklore

In this talk we will be going on a walking tour of the “Gwithti a Pystri” via a short film produced by Gemma Gary and Jane Cox of Troy Books

Cornish Bards and Witch Hunting in Cornwall in the early Twentieth Century

This talk by Jason Semmens on two Cornish Folklorists who specialized in collecting Cornish Witchcraft in the early 20th century

The Witch stories of William Bottrell by Charlotte MacKenzie

William Bottrell was one of the main informants of the folklorist Robert Hunt

Folklore and Strange Tales of Cornwall’s Seas – Joan Passey

‘Let us catch the sea-wolves falling on their prey’: Folklore and Strange Tales of Cornwall’s Seas - Zoom Lecture

Clay, Folklore, and Landscape in Cornwall’s Clay Country with Zenna Tagney / Zoom

Tagney will tease out some of the interwoven threads of place and story, landscape and culture in this Zoom Lecture

The Cornish Gothic: Haunted Cornwall in Victorian Literature – Joan Passey

This talk asks why Cornwall was such a fertile site for the Gothic imagination at this time, and why a Gothic Cornwall - Zoom Lecture

Treasures from The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic with Simon Costin – Zoom

Simon Costin, live from the museum in Cornwall where he will show and discuss some of his favourite treasures from the collection

Arthurian Legend – Elizabeth Archibald – Zoom lecture

For more than a thousand years, the adventures of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have been retold across Europe

The Magical Mind of Ithell Colquhoun, Surrealist & Occultist – Dr. Amy Hale – Zoom Talk

Lecture on one of the most interesting, dynamic, and theoretically sophisticated women Surrealists & Occultists by Dr.Amy Hale

Piskies & Pobel Vean: Cornwall’s Capricious Little Folk/ Siân Esther Powell

So, let us explore the Cornish Pobel Vean, just how harmless are they really? - Zoom Lecture hosted Dr Amy Hale

The Making of Magical Cornwall with Dr Amy Hale

This talk will explore the historical development of magical Cornwall in the cultural imagination - Zoom Lecture

Encounters with The Uncanny with Helen Cornish

Encounters with the uncanny: the land beyond the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic - Zoom Lecture

Tammy Blee’s Cabalistic Agency – Jason Semmens – Zoom

Although much has been written about the historic folk-magic practitioners known as cunning-folk in recent years, in-depth accounts of

Tony ‘Doc ‘ Shiels – Reenchanted Landscapes of Cornwall – Dr.Rupert White

The UnNatural History of Cornwall - on artist Tony 'Doc'Sheils 'the Weirdest Family in The Land

Black John and the Pencarrow Hunt in Cornish Ballads – Dr. Merv Davey

The UnNatural History of Cornwall Lecture Series - the story of the Pencarrow Hunt and Black John

Witchcraft Curses of the Twentieth Century – Dr. Louise Fenton

Lecture on the collection of curses and cursed objects at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Cornwall

A Look at Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy with Joanna Ebenstein

Walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy with Mexico based curator, author and co-founder of Morbid Anatomy

The Unnatural History Museum – NMM Cornwall – Viktor Wynd’s Zoom Tour

Join Viktor Wynd in Cornwall via Zoom) for a Guided tour of his Cornish UnNatural History Museum - nestled within The National Maritime Museum Falmouth

Cornish Folklore and Myth with Alex Langstone on Zoom

Join Alex Langstone, author of "From Granite to Sea", to explore the breathtaking real locations of Cornish myth and legend