Working the Poison Path : Poisonous Plants for Witches – Melissa Madara

We will explore the mythology, history, and science of poisonous plants, providing an informed pathway for further exploration

Ancient Greco-Roman Werewolves and the Posthuman Imagination: Finding the Hum(an)imal – Tanika Koosmen

this lecture will discuss the advent of the posthuman – and prove that it has existed for much longer than it has been recognised.

Supernatural Mystery Symposium: Séance: Spiritualism, Photography and the Search for Ectoplasm – Shannon Taggart

Shannon will share stories and pictures from twenty years of photographing mediumship, explaining how two decades of investigation developed

Female Demons – Prof Marguerite Johnson

We begin with Mesopotamian child-snatching demons, also known to harm mothers, and the magical devices to trap them

Mark of the Werewolf – Robin Herne

This talk explores a selection of such legends and the possible explanations for how those stories started – from medical and psychiatric explanations

Malleus Maleficarum (1486) – the Medieval Witch Hunter Bestseller – Lena Heide-Brennand

Explore a chilling odyssey into the dark heart of the Middle Ages with a compelling lecture on the infamous "Malleus Maleficarum," from 1486

Italian Witchcraft and Shamanism – Dr Angela Puca

Offering rare insights into vernacular religion, this book vividly portrays shamans' past and present on the Italian peninsula.

Europe’s Great Witch Hunt – Professor Ronald Hutton – Zoom Lecture

This talk is designed to answer the question of why late medieval Western Christianity lost its nerve so badly and began so much to fear imagined evils.

C. S. Lewis And The Chronicles Of Narnia – Professor Ronald Hutton – Zoom

This talk seeks to explain what sort of man he was, and how and why he came to write the stories

The Season of The Witch - Past Digital Events

The Witch’s Guide to Crafting Oils, Salves, and Unguents – Melissa Madara

In this lecture, we will look at a history of magic oils, salves, and unguents, examining spells from the ancient past to understand why these substances have become so iconic