Society Event Series

Lectures, Absinthe Tasting, Life Drawing, Séances, Pettings Zoo, Gile's Stories on a Sunday & more!

Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2019

Viktor Wynd's Guided Tours & Storytelling

Join Viktor Wynd, proprietor of The Museum for an intimate tour of the museum, or a night of Tall Tales from The Brother's Grimm,

Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2019

L'Heure Verte: Absinthe Hour

Join us in Grand Celebration of the classic Belle Époque tradition that was L’Heure Verte: Absinthe Hour.

Sep 13th 2017 - Dec 31st 2019

Taxidermy Academy Timetable

Mouse / Mole / Rat / Rabbit / Crow / Squirrel / Snake / Puppy / Hedgehog / Crab / Fox & Goat Taxidermy Courses from £35 Anthropomorphic & Naturalistic

May 1st 2015 - Dec 31st 2020

Gone With the Wynd

Join Viktor Wynd on Expeditions to Papua New Guinea, In Search of Voodoo in West Africa & Beyond

Oct 2nd 2018 - Dec 31st 2021


Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988) Surrealism, Occultism & Sexuality Artists first London Exhibition Since 1977

Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2025


The Highlands & Islands of Papua New Guinea

Gone With The Wynd Expedition Number Two To The Highlands & Islands of Papua New Guinea, visiting tribes, collecting artworks & searching for Birds of Paradise - from The Highlands to New Britain

Oct 17th 2019 - Oct 17th 2019

The Mummies of Aseki & The Islands of Love

Gone With The Wynd Expedition Number Three An expedition to See The Mummies of Aseki, Visit The Islands of Love & Search for The World's Biggest Butterfly

Oct 18th 2019 - Oct 28th 2019

Anna Barlow - Ice Creams in The Window

A Window Exhibition of Anna Barlow's Ceramic Ice Creams

Sep 17th 2019 - Nov 12th 2019

Richard Shillitoe on Ithell Colquhoun

The Curator of our current exhibition of Ithell Colquhoun's work will give a talk about the exhibition

Nov 12th 2019 - Nov 12th 2019

The Krampus & The Old Dark Christmas

Explore the authentic folklore, history and contemporary practices associated with the Krampus with Al Ridenour, author of The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas and preeminent English-language expert on the subject

Dec 17th 2019 - Dec 18th 2019

Stories on a Sunday With Giles Abbott

Join Master Storyteller Giles Abbott and just twelve guests around the Sarcophagus in Lion's Chamber of Our Museum's Wunderkabinnet for Monthly Storytelling evenings

Jan 13th 2019 - Dec 31st 2019

Venue Closed for Holidays

Please note the Museum & Cocktail Bar will be closed over the holiday period.

Dec 25th 2019 - Jan 2nd 2020

Viktor Wynd on Papua New Guinea

Viktor Wynd will discuss his life long fascination with New Guinea

Jan 21st 2020 - Jan 21st 2020

The Absinthe Drinker: Explore the Rituals of Absinthe + Tasting

Join Directors, Allison Crawbuck & Rhys Everett, at The Last Tuesday Society as they reveal the origins & rituals the infamous Green Fairy.

Feb 6th 2019 - Jan 31st 2020

Elizabeth MacNeal on The Doll Factory & Chloe Aridjis on Sea Monsters

Novelists Chloe Aridjis & Elizabeth Macneal will read from and discuss their latest works

Feb 24th 2020 - Feb 24th 2020

Ithell Colquhoun

Exhibition of work by sometime Surrealist & Occultist Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988)

Sep 18th 2019 - Mar 1st 2020

Voodoo in West Africa - Gone With The Wynd Expedition Number IV

Join anthropologist Professor Lucciano Riggio, Collector Viktor Wynd & a small group on a trip to the Cradle of Voodoo – Benin & Togo, take part in and watch ceremonies, masquerades & sacrifices, visit shrines, temples and meet priests and a tribal king. Shop in traditional and Fetish Markets.

Mar 14th 2020 - Mar 22nd 2020

The Hallouminati: An Evening of Cheese & Wine

Join us at The Society on a Wednesday evening as we invite The Dark Knight of Cholesterol to share his secretly sourced selection of dairy delights for kindred lovers of cheese & wine alike.

Mar 13th 2019 - Mar 31st 2020

Mike Jay on Mescaline

Mike Jay on Mescaline - a Global History of The First Psychedelic

Apr 28th 2020 - Apr 28th 2020

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Dec 1st 2018 - Nov 16th 2022

Meet The Hedgehogs

Come and Meet Some Charming, Friendly (if Prickly) Hedgehogs

Jul 11th 2019 - Apr 4th 2023

Viktor Wynd's Guided Tours

Join the reclusive Viktor Wynd on a journey into the bowels of the earth and his basement museum.

Aug 23rd 2017 - Jun 30th 2027

Story Time with Viktor Wynd

Join Viktor Wynd, for a night of Tall Tales from The Brother's Grimm, The Arabian Nights or Ireland accompanied by a Glass of The World's Most Unusual Gin (& T)

Aug 3rd 2027 - Jun 30th 2027

Tarot Reading In The Gnostic Temple of Agape

Have your Tarot Cards Read by Clover Peake

Sep 5th 2019 - Dec 28th 2028