Society Event Series

Lectures, Absinthe Tasting, Life Drawing, Séances, Pettings Zoo, Gile's Stories on a Sunday & more!

Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2018

Balls & Parties

Masked Balls, Secret Speakeasies, Jazz Nights, Wild Feasts, Equinox Parties & more!

Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2018

Viktor Wynd's Guided Tours & Storytelling

Join Viktor Wynd, proprietor of The Museum for an intimate tour of the museum, or a night of Tall Tales from The Brother's Grimm,

Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2018


Museum of Magic & Witchcraft | The Field - Katerina Rose

Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2018

Taxidermy Academy Timetable

Mouse / Mole / Rat / Rabbit / Crow / Squirrel / Snake / Puppy / Hedgehog / Crab / Fox & Goat Taxidermy Courses from £35 Anthropomorphic & Naturalistic

May 1st 2015 - Dec 31st 2020


The Poetic Libertine: Rochester, Byron And Other Scoundrels

A Talk with Author Alexander Larman

Jan 23rd 2018 - Jan 23rd 2018

Amatory Pleasures: Explorations of Sexual Culture with Julie Peakman

Admission includes glass of Prosecco and Chocolate Anus for all!

Feb 6th 2018 - Feb 6th 2018

My Bawdy Valentine

Tales To Make Saint Valentine Blush - Stories On A Sunday 2018

Feb 11th 2018 - Feb 11th 2018

Fat Tuesday: A Feast of the Flesh

More information to be released

Feb 13th 2018 - Feb 13th 2018

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Nov 6th 2017 - Feb 28th 2018

Victorian Hair Art — A Beautifully Macabre Holiday Workshop

Learn how to make your very own beautifully macabre Victorian hair art brooch

Dec 10th 2017 - Feb 28th 2018

The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic

An exhibition dedicated to Cornwall’s most magical Museum. The exhibition will feature haunting photographs of haunted objects from Of Shadows: One Hundred Objects from The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic by Sara Hannant and Simon Costin and a bewildering mix of magical objects including a Witch Mirror, a waxen curse poppet, spells and charms and items from a Black Magicians altar.

Nov 3rd 2017 - Feb 28th 2018


Stories On A Sunday 2018

Mar 11th 2018 - Mar 11th 2018

The Field - Katerina Rose

Starring: Vida, Rab, Oshi, Lord Elgar, Medal Mouse, Minty, Malin Gonzales, Black Magic (and Amazing Grace), The Great Pretender, Thor & Marguerite, Confuse Us, Madame Bon - Bon, Blondie, Old Salt & Luna de Sancha, Gilda, The Mariachi Sisters, Silent Sy, Bolt, Fernando III, The Sky Countess, Vermouth, Dr.Love, Not Brian, Moltar, Sholtar & the World's Only Dancing Mole.

Nov 3rd 2017 - Apr 1st 2018

What Fools These Mortals Be…

Stories On A Sunday 2018

Apr 8th 2018 - Apr 8th 2018


Stories On A Sunday 2018

May 13th 2018 - May 13th 2018

The Luck Of The Irish

Stories On A Sunday 2018

Jul 8th 2018 - Jul 8th 2018

Cock Tales

Stories On A Sunday 2018

Aug 12th 2018 - Aug 12th 2018

The Last Hero - Odysseus

Stories On A Sunday 2018

Sep 9th 2018 - Sep 9th 2018

The World's Longest Standing Erection

Come & See The Museum's Latest Crowdfunded Exhibit

Jun 27th 2017 - Sep 30th 2018

Real Old Horrors

Stories On A Sunday 2018

Oct 14th 2018 - Oct 14th 2018

Sparks Fly - The Love Of Sigurd & Brunhild

Stories On A Sunday 2018

Nov 11th 2018 - Nov 11th 2018

Bah, Humbug!

Stories On A Sunday 2018

Dec 9th 2018 - Dec 9th 2018

Viktor Wynd's Guided Tours

Join the reclusive Viktor Wynd on a journey into the bowels of the earth and his basement museum.

Aug 23rd 2017 - Jun 30th 2027

Story Time with Viktor Wynd

Join Viktor Wynd, for a night of Tall Tales from The Brother's Grimm, The Arabian Nights or Ireland accompanied by a Glass of The World's Most Unusual Gin (& T)

Aug 3rd 2027 - Jun 30th 2027